Mabry Mill
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  Another of our favorite subjects, old mills are a reminder of an essential trade in any early American settlement. Although not really old (it was built around 1910), the Mabry Mill complex was carefully preserved by Parkway architects.

It is probably the most-photographed mill in America, so our challenge was to find our own personal way to present it.

(left) The traditional view with a reflection of the building mirrored in the duck pond.

(above) A slightly different view that puts
more emphasis on the mill itself.

Rear view, showing the
flume that carries water
to the overshot wheel.

Besides the gristmill, Ed Mabry built wheelright and blacksmith shops. The National Park Service maintains remanents of these, and in the 1950's moved an old log cabin to the site.

For something really different,
Tom isolated a portion of the mill's reflection in the rippling pond.