River Scenes

Things of interest along the way.


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Our sister ship
La Amatista
heading upriver
late on Day 1

La Esmeralda
heading up a river
tributary on a
gorgeous afternoon

Cumulous clouds
over the river

"Big Sky" over
a river village

Ribereño settlement


Ribereño homes


Villager bringing
home logs along
a blackwater river

Nesting tree

Cutting through the
water hyacinths
(slow going at best!)

La Esmeralda
waiting for the skiff
to return

What the skiff
was looking for:
Giant water lilies

(The only time that it
really hot)

Closeup view

Fresh towels ...

three times a day!

"Thumbing" for
piranha - fishing
the hard way!


Tourists' revenge -
piraña lasaña


Late afternoon
along a blackwater