When we think of autumn, that all-too-brief period when the trees go out in a blaze of glory, we tend to think of far-away places like Vermont or the Appalachian mountains. Yet there are opportunities, both subtle and spectacular, much closer to home. For us, that means New Jersey.

We hope you enjoy this brief glimpse of fall in our home state. Perhaps you will be a bit surprised!




(above and right)
Buttermilk Falls, a little-known treasure in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Sussex County New Jersey


After its spectacular 90-foot tumble down the Kittatinny Ridge, this stream meanders off through the woods on its way to the Delaware River..

Tillman Ravine,
located in nearby
Stokes State Forest.

Aside from the subtle colorations of the streams and waterfalls, there are many more colorful displays in the autumn. Halloween decorations fit naturally with the reds, oranges and yellows of the trees.


  (above) The colorful trees were found in our home town of Madison, while the jack-o'-lantern and path are from the nearby Watchung Reservation in Union County. These images have the dreamlike quality of a lazy fall day.

(below) Sunset at Lake Ashroe in Sussex County invokes the clear,
crisp feeling of a fall evening


This next group is from
Loantaka Brook Reservation
and Frelinghuysen Arboretum,
Morris County parklands
near our home.


(above) The last rose of November, taking advantage of our unseasonably warm 2005 weather.  



The images below are from Tom's shows in 2000 and 2002.
They fit this fall theme so well that they are repeated here

View through the leaded-glass window
of an 1899 historic building in Madison

Rainy fall day in Madison, as seen
through the window of a greenhouse



Glorious red tree, seen
reflected in a rippling pond,
Sussex County, NJ.

The colors and patterns of
fall foliage seem to lend
themselves to the more
abstract representations.
  © 2005 Tom Judd All Rights Reserved