Montana is rich in wildlife. We saw numerous animals and birds, some in Glacier NP but many others in the Flathead Lake area and the National Bison Preserve.

 Everybody wants to see a bear.
Even the National Park Service got into the act with this
window decoration in the Logan Pass visitor center.




We happened upon this bear, leisurely strolling through a field of wildflowers.

There were other large mammals also. These bighorn sheep were numerous in the Logan Pass area.








 This small herd came down to the water at Wild Horse Island in Flathead Lake.


While the rest of us were looking for mountain goats, this fellow walked right up to Ellen.




Elk cow and her calf National Bison Range   


Mule Deer Wild Horse Island


The Bison Range was also home to a small herd of pronghorn antelope.


 We saw one buck, and several cows with calves. 




 And of course the big boys that the Bison Range is named for.




There were numerous smaller animals and birds everywhere we went. Ospreys are very common in this part of Montana.



Fledgling and adult bald eagles.

Wild Horse Island, Flathead Lake


And lots of little guys, like this jackrabbit and the ground squirrel who posed for pictures.




Ground Squirrels

Hoary Marmot



Anise Swallowtail Butterfly on Bull Thistle



Great Basin (?) Wood Nymphs


Large Wood Nymph

Great Spangled Fritillary