Cascading creeks and waterfalls, soaring mountains, turquoise lakes and expansive vistas. What more could the landscape photographer ask for?

Avalanche Creek
Glacier NP


Glacier NP

Mountain stream, and cascading waterfall.

Both near Logan Pass
Glacier NP


  Isolating individual rocks in the fast-flowing streams
reveals fascinating patterns.

Logan Creek and
Clements Mountain

near Logan Pass
Glacier NP



Bighorn Sheep and Glacier Lilies at Logan Pass


Launch on Swiftcurrent Lake passing Mt. Gould


above right, below left and right
Reflections on Swiftcurrent Lake in the Many Glacier region of Glacier NP



Morning mist at Swiftcurrent Lake

  St. Mary Lake, on the eastern side of Glacier NP, is punctuated by the iconic Wild Goose island.

St. Mary Lake in mid afternoon.

     Wild Goose Island at sunrise
  The lake is drained by the St. Mary River which cascades over spectacular St. Mary Falls.
  St. Mary Falls


On the western side of Glacier NP is Lake McDonald. Slightly larger than St. Mary Lake, McDonald's southwestern shore is a spectacular jewel case of multi-colored and smoothly polished rocks.


Early morning,
on the same beach,
yields a totally different look.

  Outside of the National Park, and a bit south of Kalispell, lies Flathead Lake. The largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River, Flathead is a well-developed recreation area with boating and fishing as major activities.

Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake



A high shutter speed freezes unseen details in the boat's wake.



These petroglyphs,
seen only from a boat,
are evidence of early Native American settlers.


The lake is surrounded by farms and wheat fields.



We were too early for fresh huckleberries, but there was plenty of ice cream and milkshakes.

Mountain Mallow, Glacier NP