Millbrook Village, part of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, is a re-created community of the 1800s where aspects of pioneer life are exhibited and occasionally demonstrated by skilled and dedicated docents throughout the village. Although most of the buildings at the site are replications, Millbrook has a real past. A few of the old structures have survived the ravages of Mother Nature, and escaped condemnation to make way for the ill-fated Tocks Island Dam project in the 1960s. Although the project sealed the fate of this and other villages in what is now a National Park, the Millbrook Village Society has worked hard and consistently to bring the village back to life.

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On the first full weekend of October the annual Millbrook Village Days Festival takes place. During those two days the village comes alive with up to 200 costumed crafts people demonstrating many activities. The photos that follow are from the 2009 Festival.



Spinning Wool



Woodworking Shop


Making Rope


Crushing Apples and
Squeezing Cider

Hay Forks