Plants &

Flora of the Islands

Ranging from sea-level beaches to 10,000+ foot mountains, the geography of these islands creates a wide range of microclimates. Thus we find plants adapted to tropical rainforests, temperate farmlands, deserts and subalpine regions, all within a short drive.

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Protea (pro' tea ah)

Native to South Africa, these beautiful flowers thrive in the Kula area of upcountry Maui.

(left) Pink Mink

Red Baron ?

Pincushion Protea


 Raspberry Frost Banksia


 Summer Line Banksia


Peanut Protea

Other Flowers


Hens & Chickens

Beach Morning Glory

Growing abundently on Maui's leeward beaches, these flowing vines are effective sand binders.

The beautiful Plumeria, favorite of lei makers

 Lollipop Plant


The hibiscus is seen everywhere,
sometimes growing in
spectacular block-long hedges.

They come in many colors

Hibiscus are hermaphroditic.

The staminal tube carries both
stalked spheres of pollen (male)
and knobbed stigmas (female).

Trees and Other Plants


Angel's Trumpet

African Tulip Tree

Native to Africa, and not related to "real tulips" or tulip poplars. A tall tree, with masses of scarlet-orange blossoms high in the air, it's difficult to photograph. This one was growing in a steep valley, next to a lookout.

Red Ginger


In addition to the familiar coconut palms, there are numerous decorative varieties.

     Silver Palm     Traveler's Palm

 Sago Palm

Despite its name, this is not a palm (or a fern) but rather a cycad, an ancient plant said to have evolved little since the days of the dinosaurs.

This one had naturally interleaved its
fernlike leaves into an unusual pattern

Indian Mulberry

noni's pear-like fruits have medicinal properties. Used throughout the Pacific islands for a variety of ailments.

Shell Ginger

Water Lily

Royal Poinciana, also known as FlameTree or Flamboyant.

'Ohi'a Lehua, a Sacred Forest tree

The most abundant and widespread tree in Hawaii, this endemic hardwood is the first tree to appear on new lava flows. That's where we found this one, on the slopes of Kilauea volcano on the Big Island.

< >

Cute, colorful, and completely harmless, geckos are everywhere.

And they eat lots of bugs!

Gekos, and this green anole, seem to like the red bromeliads. v

Bromeliads are related to the pineapple.


Ferns seemingly grow everywhere in Hawaii. Many are huge by East Coast standards,
and some are very colorful, especially when young.

The early uncurling fronds
are called