A Photo Tour

Lake Louise

July 18 - 28, 2002

"Mother Nature dealt the original winning hand here, which early governments had
the foresight to protect for all time ..." Moon Handbooks Canadian Rockies

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The incredible multihued lakes are a signature feature of the Canadian Rockies. They are often best seen at dawn, before the morning breeze disturbs the mirrored image of the surrounding snow-capped mountains. Here are some of our favorites.
Lake Louise,
first light on
Victoria Glacier

Lake Louise,
early morning

First light at
Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake
just after sunrise

Herbert Lake

Bow Lake

Medicine Lake

Seen here in late July, the lake is full due to runoff from the surrounding mountains. By fall, when the runoff is minimal, the lake shrinks to a few shallow pools.

To no great surprise, lakes, rivers, and mountains create many cascades and waterfalls.

Norm and Kim
Ah, the joys of shooting landscapes!!

Roadside Cascade near Herbert Lake


Natural Bridge

In Yoho NP, the Kicking Horse River has worn a narrow hole through a limestone wall, creating a natural bridge that is doomed to eventual collapse

Also in Yoho NP, the most impressive waterfall in the Canadian Rockies tumbles 833 feet. Its flow is fed by runoff from the Daly and Des Poilus glaciers.

Takakkaw Falls

Tangle Ridge Falls


The Columbia Icefield

A 20,000-year-old reminant
of the last ice age, it sits astride
the Continental Divide and
feeds six glaciers.

John Cang

John, next year we want
a van like THIS one!

Snocoaches took us to
the "drive in" glacier

Athabasca Glacier - two views

Athabasca Glacier
is one of six that
feeds from the
Columbia Icefield.
Nearby, a crow
checks out
the view

Athabasca Falls

A lone fir
defies the power
of the falls

Mount Edith Cavell at Sunrise

^ This is the shot from up on the bridge

^ This is Tom's shot from right down on the water,
using the right-angle finder and 18mm lens

The most impressive mountain peak
in Jasper NP, at 11034 feet. Named in
honor of a British nurse who was
executed for helping POWs escape
German-occupied Belgium during
World War I.

Ellen's views of
Mount Edith Cavell
from near the top

Horseshoe Lake (John's secret spot!)


Tom Shooting

Horseshoe Lake (two other views that Tom scouted out)

Nearby, a beaver has been busy

< This is a composite: background from one slide and foreground from another. The sky is synthetic. The real one was burned out, despite the grad ND.


Two views of
sunrise at
Patricia Lake.

Seen through >
the reeds

 Peyto Lake (composite of 7 'portrait format' slides)

Jasper Rainbow (composite of 2 slides) 

Double Exposure???
(Ellen says "John made me take it!") 

Ponderosa Pine (??) at Emerald Lake

Coyote - licking his chops!

Pyramid Mountain at Pyramid Lake Lodge


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